Build a future through a volunteer journey with Constru Casa

Join Let's go to Guatemala and Constru Casa on a life-changing Guatemala adventure and volunteer trip.

This trip is for you if you...

  • … would like to discover the nature and culture of Guatemala.
  • … want to give meaning to your journey.
  • … wish to make a positive contribution to this world.
  • … want to improve the lives of local communities.
  • … want to roll up your sleeves.

Join a Volunteer Adventure

Let’s go to Guatemala organizes an unforgettable volunteer adventure in Guatemala together with Constru Casa. You actively help with the construction of a house. In 10 days, you work closely with a team to see the end result. You support a Guatemalan family in need and help them out of extreme poverty. You give them a new future and hope. And above all, a home.

What does this volunteer journey mean to you?

A unique cultural experience and exchange.
An unforgettable opportunity to share your life with a Guatemalan family.
Develop or improve your Spanish language skills.

Tour description

Days 1 to 5

You are off to a great start on your journey as a volunteer for Constru Casa. Every day, you go to the local community. Under the guidance of a mason, local construction workers, and the local family, you join forces for a head start.

Days 6 and 7

After the first days, full of productivity, there is a solid foundation for the house. You can use the next two days for some culture or relaxation. You can choose what you want to do. Maybe you're dancing salsa on the dance floor or sleeping under the stars on a volcano.

Days 8 to 12

Recharged from your trip, you get back to work with the Constru Casa team. With the team, you discuss the tasks and get back into action. Admire the result with a festive celebration: a house and a new future for the Guatemalan family.

Days 13 to 15

Your touring adventure continues and brings you to the still waters of a beautiful natural reserve in the Cobán region: Semuc Champey. You swim in the turquoise-colored natural pools that lie above the river Cahabón. Surrounded by wild jungle-like nature.

Days 15 to 17

A trip to Guatemala is not complete without a stop at one of the world's most beautiful and long-kept treasures: Tikal. The Tikal National Park is a natural paradise full of cultural finds from the former Maya capital. You walk through the jungle and hear the howler monkeys in the distance. Climb atop one of the well-preserved temples and enjoy the view and sunset as you see the peaks of the temples popping out above the green treetops.

Days 17 and 18

After your last night in Guatemala, you will catch a last glimpse of Guatemala City on the day of departure. You take home a bag full of experiences and memories.

Customized volunteer tour

We make your volunteer trip completely tailor-made. Depending on your budget, number of days, and your travel wishes, we will put together a complete Guatemala Volunteer Adventure for you. Do you want to taste more of nature, culture, and gastronomy? More or less days in a particular place? Are you traveling on a budget, or can it be more luxurious? Everything is possible. Contact me and let me know how I can help you.

Your contribution

Volunteers are crucial to Constru Casa’s success. As a volunteer, you literally and figuratively contribute to improving the living conditions of a family in a local community in Guatemala.

In addition to the travel sum, Constru Casa kindly asks for a voluntary donation of €600. It is not an obligation, but you will help the project’s progress enormously.

From the individual contribution you donate as a volunteer, all building materials for the house are bought, and the salaries of the local workers are paid (by Guatemalan standards).

Volunteer with Constru Casa

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