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In selected dates, I will be traveling Guatemala with up to 12 people in a hassle-free, indulging and recharging experience.

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Paula Bran

¡Hola! Soy Paula

100% guatemalteca: chapina en cuerpo y alma

I was born, grew up and made my life in Guatemala. After more than 10 years working in gastronomy, event planning, customer service and tourism, my family and I moved to The Netherlands.

I plan with passion every trip home. Accompany me.

Let me show you the country I love and always look forward to come back to.

Let me show you my home.

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Check these articles and find the answer you where looking for, along with information you didn’t know you wanted.

New to this country? Read yourself into it, get acquainted and fall in love with this hidden gem.

What are the essentials of Guatemala from the point of view of a Local? Collect and plan your future memories.

Which visa do I need? How can I move between places? Practical information to help you with your trip.

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