Hi, I'm Paula!

100% guatemalan:
chapina in body and soul

I was born, grew up, and made my life in Guatemala. I studied Hotel Management and worked for 15+ years in the field of gastronomy and event planning.

In 2019 my husband and I decided to move to The Netherlands with our sons. We wanted them to broaden their horizons, their world perspective, and most of all, to value what they take for granted every day.

We arrived in the Netherlands in mid-2019 and realized the curiosity and fascination that Guatemala produces in people. That’s how Let’s go to Guatemala was born. To share my love for my country through personally designed travels.

With my family and friends, I am always in charge of organizing the trips through Guatemala. From my father, I inherited the taste for adventure and driving on the road without a destination. From my mother, I inherited my love for comfort and quality service. This is the perfect combination that always makes it easy for me to find unique accommodations, spectacular places, delicious food, and outstanding service.

Someone once told me that taking travelers to Guatemala is also a way of honoring my parents. That touched my heart. I practice what my parents taught me by being a gracious host and making travelers feel welcome and at home. It’s my way of giving back so much love.