From July 24th to August 14th, 2022

A 22-day trip throughout Guatemala off the beaten path

Guatemala is the full package: culture, nature and adventure.

A hidden gem destination, far from massive tourism or cookie-cutter perfection, and blessed with springlike weather all year round.

To experience Guatemala, you need to experience the contrast between its different regions. Each with its own charm, nature, and people. This will take us to the four cardinal points at a pace that allows you to enjoy the here and now.

Visit 6 different regions in Guatemala

The green Caribbean Guatemala
The Green Caribbean, where we find lush nature and get to appreciate the magical atmosphere of the Garifuna Culture.
The heart of the mayan world
The heart of the Mayan world in Petén, where we will visit the ancient cities of Tikal and Yaxhá, and then relax at the colorful island of Flores.
Semuc Champey Verapaces
The natural paradise of the Verapaces with a wide variety of forests and the fauna and flora that live within them. We will visit Semuc Champey and other out of the ordinary places that make Guatemala the hidden gem it is.
Highlands Guatemala
The Guatemalan Highlands offer the perfect combination of natural beauties, spectacular mountain landscapes and traditions of the Mayan culture. From the highest non-volcanic region in all of Central America to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.
Pacific coast Guatemala
The Pacific Coast with its black sanded volcanic beaches, where we will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and sit back to recharge after climbing one of the active volcanoes in Guatemala, the Pacaya.
Antigua Guatemala
The mix between modern and colonial. We will feel transported in time by the colonial architecture of Antigua Guatemala and complete the experience in Guatemala City, the most cosmopolitan city in Central America.
Paula Bran
Paula Bran

Your host: me

You will get to know the country in-depth, because you are traveling not only with your “assigned guide” but with the person who designed the whole experience, arranged personally with the service partners, and knows what to expect every step of the way.

Until 3 years ago I was living in Guatemala and traveled my country extensively through the years. I know the Guatemalan idiosyncrasy and have an extensive network there.

You will live the Guatemala that is real from my perspective.

More information about the experience

The accomodations

The hotels have been handpicked by me for their quality, service, and comfort. Their location and personality are part of the overall experience.

The gastronomy

The mix of traditional with gourmet gastronomy in Guatemala is something that visitors usually miss out on. We are going to taste traditional dishes, and also fine dining experiences that you will surely enjoy.

4150 € p/p

on a double occupancy basis at the hotels

What is included

  • Overnight stays in carefully selected accommodations
  • All the breakfasts, 16 lunches, and 5 dinners
  • All excursions on a private basis accompanied by an english speaking guide
  • All entrance fees for the excursions included
  • All road transfers based on private transport
  • My accompaniment 24/7 during the 22 days of the trip
  • 1% of the revenue will be donated to the Humanitarian Association Antigua al Rescate
  • Two trees will be planted through the Trees for All CO2 compensation program

What is not included

  • International airfare to and from Guatemala
  • Meals not included in the itinerary
  • Expenses of a personal nature
  • Travel and/or cancellation insurance
  • Any vaccinations

This trip is for you if...

…culture, nature, and adventure are what you look for when you travel.

…a hidden gem destination makes your inner child smile.

…you enjoy an active trip.

…food is one powerful reason for you to travel.

…comfortable accommodations with personality are an important part of the experience.

In words of the travellers

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“I think the best thing people can do after Corona, after being inside for way too long, is just to get on a plane with Paula and come to Guatemala.”
“Paula is also someone who gives incredible confidence as a tour leader, as a travel guide. She knows Guatemala.”
The Ultimate Guatemalan Adventure

Hello, traveller!

I love that Guatemala speaks to you and you want to know more about it.

Let me know how I can help you.

The Ultimate Guatemalan Adventure

Day 1 - Sun 24th

It's finally time to fly to Guatemala City, a big city that rests in a valley surrounded by mountains and volcanoes. I will meet you upon arrival at Guatemala’s Airport. Once in our trendy hotel in Zona Viva, we will have the chance to introduce ourselves to new friends and companions during the next three weeks.

Day 2 - Mon 25th

On the way to Río Dulce we are going to visit Quiriguá, where we will admire the largest stelae of the Mayan world. That is why UNESCO named it a world heritage site. A must-see and one of the visits I enjoy the most.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 3 - Tue 26th

We are going to Livingston, a town accessible only by boat, where we get to appreciate the magical atmosphere of the Caribbean just by walking in the streets. To get there we will take a boat ride through the lush tropical forest as well as deep limestone canyon walls, which are often lined with Pelicans and various other water birds.

We will be back in Rio Dulce late in the afternoon.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 4 - Wed 27th

Before heading to Tikal we will visit Castillo de San Felipe, an old Spanish fort that was once used to protect the town and lake from pirates.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 5 - Thu 28th

We will enjoy the sunrise in Tikal. We will walk through the park very early in the morning, hearing the howler monkeys in the dark. From Temple IV we will witness the awakening of the jungle and discover one of the most amazing Mayan ruins in the world. That is my version of the top of the world.

In the afternoon we will move to El Remate and we will visit the island of Flores.

Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 6 - Fri 29th

Today we will take it slowly in the morning, exploring Lake Petén Itzá and its surroundings. In the afternoon we will visit Yaxhá Mayan ruins, and enjoy the sunset with a view!

Meals: breakfast, box lunch

Day 7 - Sat 30th

Today we will be leaving the humid tropics to approach the highlands. On the way we will visit the Candelaria Caves, a great system of natural caves considered a sacred place for the Mayans.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 8 - Sun 31st

We will discover one of the hidden gems of Guatemala: Semuc Champey. It's a rocky journey, but once there, you’ll see for yourself why is so worth it!

Meals: breakfast, box lunch

Day 9 - Mon 1st

Today we explore Cobán and its surroundings. We will stroll through its small and picturesque towns, where we will be able to witness the daily life of its inhabitants.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 10 - Tue 2nd

We’ll head a little bit further into the highlands, looking for unforgettable views of the mountains at Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, the highest non-volcanic region in all of Central America.

Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 11 - Wed 3rd

A visit to Laguna Magdalena, the small but melancholic lagoon of emerald waters, hidden among the boulders is a unique experience.

Meals: breakfast, box lunch

Day 12 - Thu 4th

Today we will head towards Chichicastenango. There we will visit its traditional market, the largest in Central America, that opens every Thursday and Sunday. It’s a feast for the senses with villagers coming from all around to sell their products. We will also visit the cemetery, with an explanation about the colorful tombs and the Mayan rituals.

We will reach Lake Atitlán early in the evening.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 13 - Fri 5th

We will wake up in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. And we will discover it by boat to enjoy a panoramic view of the surrounding mountain landscape and its three majestic volcanoes. We will visit several villages around the lake to learn that each of them has its own identity and charm.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 14 - Sat 6th

In the morning we will visit a nature reserve where we can do a zipline tour with one of the most spectacular views of the lake as background.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 15 - Sun 7th

On our way to Antigua, we will visit Iximché, the first capital of Guatemala, and we will enjoy a traditional Guatemalan lunch in one of the picturesque family-owned restaurants in the highland mountains.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 16 - Mon 8th

We will explore Antigua, enjoying its picture-perfect cobblestone streets and its colonial style. A coffee tour is a must here.

We will have a special dinner tonight, a tasting menu of one of Guatemala’s finest representatives, and one of my favorites too.

Meals: breakfast, dinner

Day 17 - Tue 9th

We will climb an active volcano, the Pacaya, and then indulge ourselves in a hot spring spa.

Meals included: breakfast, lunch

Day 18 - Wed 10th

Before heading to the Pacific Coast to enjoy the black sanded, volcanic beaches we are going to take one last look around Antigua.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 19 - Thu 11th

Beach day! Just sit back and relax.

Meals: breakfast

Day 20 - Fri 12th

After breakfast, we will go back to the capital.

Guatemala City is a city of contrasts, a mix of modern and colonial architecture. We will visit the civic and historical center to finish in the cultural district, a developing area with a bohemian atmosphere where art, technology, and gastronomy meet. There we will have lunch at one of my favorite restaurants in the city. Trust me, you’ll love it too.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 21 - Sat 13th

I can’t let you go without taking you to my true home. The place I grew up in, is very close to Guatemala city. We will prepare a homemade meal and hope you will enjoy exploring the nature trails as much as I did when I was a girl. We will be back in the city early in the evening so you can take a good night’s sleep before your departure the next day.

Meals: breakfast, lunch

Day 22 - Sun 14th

I will help you arrange your last-minute shopping and take you back to the airport. Saying goodbye is always the hardest part, but I’m sure you will have new friends and many stories to tell after these 22 days!

Meals: breakfast