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Guatemala is a hidden gem. And that’s OK. 

For a long while, I used to compare Guatemala with Costa Rica. Because of Costa Rica´s great tourism infrastructure, nice comfortable hotels everywhere, and a coherent country marketing strategy. Guatemala is still a work in progress.

Finally, I understood that each country has its own identity, as a result of its history, and everything that it involves. Far from massive tourism or cookie-cutter perfection, Guatemala is a genuine country full of charm, natural beauty, and cultural heritage. 

Guatemala is the largest country in Central America with 108,889 square kilometers: almost twice the size of The Netherlands. For such a small country, we have 360 different microclimates due to the wide altitude diversity. From sea level to about 4,200 meters of altitude, the higher you go, the colder it gets. You will find that its temperature depends more on the altitude than on the month of the year.


Our average temperature is 20 ºC (68 ºF) throughout the year. That’s why Guatemala is also known as “the land of eternal spring”. When you live in Guatemala your whole life, you don’t understand what a luxury it is to be able to enjoy such a climate all year round, to be able to spend so much time outside without needing 3 layers of clothing on top. I do now.

But not only the altitude range is wide: Guatemala is diverse in every sense of the word.

We have lowlands, highlands, cloud forests, rainforests, mangroves, volcanic beaches, and a volcanic string of 37 volcanoes – 3 of them active!

22 different ethnic groups shape the cultural richness of Guatemala. Half of the population is indigenous; the other half is ladino – descendants of the mixture of indigenous and European-. And, even though Spanish is our official language, 21 other dialects of Mayan origin are spoken in Guatemala.

Contrasts of Guatemala

Guatemala is a land full of contrasts. Well, aren’t we all? But it is a warm-hearted land, which you can see and feel in its people, who are joyful, grateful, and helpful despite their everyday struggles.

Guatemala is resilient, unpolished, and authentic.

Let’s go to Guatemala is my small contribution to honor this amazing land that I am proud to call home.

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