Hi, I'm Paula!

100% Guatemalan:
chapina in body and soul

Born and raised in the enchanting land of Guatemala, I have spent my life immersed in its beauty and rich culture. After studying Hotel Management and dedicating over 15 years to the gastronomy and event planning industry, my journey took an exciting turn in 2019.

Together with my husband and our sons, we made the bold decision to move to The Netherlands. Our goal was to offer our children a broader perspective, an appreciation for the things they often took for granted, and a chance to explore the world beyond their familiar surroundings.

Upon arriving in The Netherlands, we discovered the curious fascination that Guatemala ignites in people. It was then that the idea of Let’s go to Guatemala was born. Driven by my profound love for my country, I wanted to share its wonders and create personally designed travel experiences.

With my family and friends, I am always in charge of organizing the trips through Guatemala. From my father, I inherited the taste for adventure and driving on the road without a destination. From my mother, I inherited my love for comfort and quality service. This is the perfect combination that always makes it easy for me to find unique accommodations, spectacular places, delicious food, and outstanding service.

Someone once told me that taking travelers to Guatemala is also a way of honoring my parents. That touched my heart. I practice what my parents taught me by being a gracious host and making travelers feel welcome and at home. It’s my way of giving back so much love.

So, why should you travel with me?

Whether you join one of my hosted trips or entrust me to craft your itinerary and coordinate your visit, I guarantee that you will have the best possible experience. My extensive network in Guatemala allows me to provide seamless and delightful journeys.

From arranging transportation with expert pilots who anticipate and handle any unforeseen events to retrieving forgotten passports left in hotel safes, I take care of every detail so that you can focus on savoring each moment of your adventure.

When you travel with me to Guatemala, you’ll be supported and accompanied by a local guide who is just a click away. This assurance will allow you to relish every moment with the knowledge that someone is attentively taking care of all the rest.

So, let’s embark on an unforgettable journey together, where the magic of Guatemala unfolds before your eyes, and you feel the warmth of a hospitable home away from home.

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