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Travel like a local

Tailor-made holidays that let you experience the real Guatemala, through the eyes of a local expert, a 'chapina'. Our mission is to make your holiday in Guatemala carefree, enjoyable, and inspiring.

Traveling with Let's go to Guatemala means

  • Unique off-the-beaten-track travel experiences.
  • Discovering hidden gems of Guatemala.
  • A complete tailor-made tour, designed by a local expert.
  • Sustainable travel, making a positive impact.
  • A worry-free journey.

Discover the genuine Guatemala

If you are planning to visit Guatemala and looking for a great vacation experience, you have come to the right place. Guatemala is genuine, full of color, and warm-hearted people. It is an authentic destination, far from mass tourism or standardized perfection.

From remote traditional Mayan villages to modern colonial cities, adventurous treks through lush jungles, and relaxed tropical beaches; Guatemala offers a wealth of surprises for your holiday.

How do you find those extraordinary places in Guatemala unknown to many? We have an advantage: your itinerary is carefully designed by a true insider. A “chapina” with a warm heart for travelers and her homeland.

Discover your new adventure to Guatemala and get inspired by the travel examples.

The ultimate adventure

A 21-day trip throughout Guatemala and Belize.

From the cultural riches of Antigua to the idyllic beaches of Ambergris Caye, experience the best of both countries.

Like a local customized roundtrip experience

Embark on a unique journey that fully meets your wishes. Together with insider tips and the know-how from a local, we design your trip to have an adventure you can enjoy without any worries and that inspires you.

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