Constru Casa

Building a better future for families in Guatemala

What started as a solo trip through Guatemala grew into the creation of the non-profit organization Constru Casa.
Since 2004, the non-profit has been building a better future for the poorest families in Guatemala.

What does Constru Casa do?

  • Builds houses for the poorest families in Guatemala.
  • Works with local masons and craftsmen.
  • Supports social education and health projects.
  • Lays the foundation for a new future with volunteers.
  • Brings you up close and into action on a volunteer journey.

Building houses with Constru Casa

Constru Casa has a mission to break the vicious circle of many Guatemalan families who have lived in severe poverty for a long time.

Constru Casa believes that everyone deserves a place to call home.

That is why Constru Casa builds houses for the poorest local families. Usually, this is in rural areas. In addition to shelter, having a safe home also gives hope and a sense of dignity back to these families.

Holistic social impact

The non-profit also supports local projects in education and healthcare and the construction of community buildings. This improves the social conditions for the entire local community – a holistic approach.

Not only the family but the entire local community benefits from the work of the foundation.

For the construction projects, Constru Casa works together with local masons, craftsmen, and construction companies. This way, Constru Casa supports the local economy.

Involvement of local families

The local families and the community are closely involved in the construction of the house. Due to the strong involvement, the sense of responsibility for their new home also grows.

Future owners symbolically create new foundations for their lives.

Constru Casa also works with a buy-in principle. 35% of the total cost of the home is payed back in a small monthly contribution over several years. The rest is a donation. This gives a sense of ownership to the Guatemalan family.

Constru Casa volunteers

Constru Casa continues tirelessly to materialize this for people in need, but this work cannot be done alone.

The non-profit organization relies on the support of the Dutch foundation Constru Casa and the generosity and dedication of donors and a team of volunteers at home and abroad to continue doing their life-changing work.

A volunteer trip is a life-changing experience.

Constru Casa welcomes volunteers from all over the world who want to contribute, actively help build houses, share or develop their expertise, and above all get pleasure and energy from helping the local Guatemalan communities.

What kind of volunteers help?

In the years that Constru Casa has been active, the non-profit organization has received people and groups of different ages and backgrounds. Constru Casa also works from America, where student groups and church communities are particularly active.

Whoever you are, you have a natural talent for helping those in need.

Also business people, retirees, travelers on sabbatical, young people on a gap year. With all kinds of different backgrounds. Technical or construction knowledge and experience are useful, but not necessary.

Join us on a journey

The time for change is now. Let’s join hands together and embark on a life-changing journey to Guatemala.

Do you want to go on a volunteer trip yourself? Check out this volunteer trip example or contact me directly.