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From July 24th to August 14th, 2022

A 22-day trip throughout Guatemala off the beaten path.

An active journey through 6 different regions of Guatemala, where you will find the richness of its nature and culture, as well as the heartfelt hospitality of its people, in every corner.

From October 23rd to November 6th, 2022

A 15-day trip enjoying the emblematic places of Guatemala from a local’s perspective​.

A full-immersion experience into the local culture while reconnecting with yourself through nature.

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Your custom made trip to Guatemala.

Design your trip with the know-how of a local.

Paula Bran
Paula Bran - Privacy Policy - Guatemala Tours Specialist - Let's Go To Guatemala

Your host: me

You will get to know the country in-depth, because you are traveling not only with your “assigned guide” but with the person who designed the whole experience, arranged personally with the service partners, and knows what to expect every step of the way.

Until 3 years ago I was living in Guatemala and traveled my country extensively through the years. I know the Guatemalan idiosyncrasy and have an extensive network there.

You will live the Guatemala that is real from my perspective.

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